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 Pug Parables

Stories have long been a tried and true method of conveying subtle (or perhaps not so subtle) messages, perhaps even from the beginning of time. Allegories, fables, parables, fairy tales – even television shows, movies, and novels – most convey some sort of message. Jesus was a master storyteller, often using parables to convey simple truths to his followers while at the same time confounding his critics. And, it’s not at all uncommon for God to continue to speak to us today through ordinary circumstances that teach us more about who he is. One of the ways he’s done this for me was to speak through the life of a sweet, little dog named Sheba, who was a part of our family for more than 10 years. During her lifetime, the Lord repeatedly taught me lessons that I recorded in my journals; so here they are – Pug Parables, a collection of short, devotional-style stories that are sure to warm your heart.  (Free in the eBook edition)

ISS CoverI’m Still Standing

The revised and updated edition of I’m Still Standing includes both the original compilation of essays about the author’s battle with breast cancer in 2006, and an addendum to each that is sub-titled 2020 Hindsight. The intervening years, including the challenges of Covid-19, are discussed. As a RN and former hospice nurse, she fully understands the potentially serious outcomes of diseases such as cancer and Covid-19 that may range from complete recovery to a slow-and-painful death. This is a testimony of God’s sufficiency throughout that terrible year of suffering in 2006, as well as during the intervening years. It illustrates how faith truly does overcome fear, delivering peace in the worst of times. Prayerfully, her experiences will encourage others, and bolster their faith in the God who is able to do far more than we even ask.

product_thumbnail.phpRichard’s Story

Richard’s Story is a labor of love, intended to honor the man who was (or I should say, is!) my dad. It is a compilation of memories, my own as well as those of other members of our family: a compilation that will, I hope, stir up lots of other memories for those who knew him. I believe it will cause us to smile, to laugh—and yes—perhaps to shed a tear or two. And for all who read Richard’s Story, my prayer is the same as his would have been—that through his life they will see Jesus. (Free in the eBook edition)

Heavenly Realms v01 Cov#649-2 Exploring Heavenly Places, Volume I

Exploring Heavenly Places is a new series of books that will explore the amazing and complex world of the spiritual heavenly places that affect our physical world. You will find it most beneficial to first read Heaven Trek and Come Up Higher, as these books are foundational to the new series.

Long ago, the Lord revealed the secret of receiving His revelation—it did not come to me directly, but was always developed in the context of other believers, and I never receive full understanding without consulting others. It is in such unity that new revelation is unpacked and understood; it is our journey together that brings enlightenment to the wisdom of the Lord; and it is for this reason that this series will be co-authored with others.

In this introductory book, we have included articles regarding aspects of the body, soul and spirit in order to provide a basic understanding of these elements of our humanity and help us see how our beings interact with the unseen. The shattering of these aspects of our lives through wounding prohibits us from becoming all that the Lord wants us to be, and enables the enemy to profit from what is rightfully ours. The cure for this pain will be further explored throughout the book series, Exploring Heavenly Places.

EHR 3 Cover Layout v01 20150319

Exploring Heavenly Places, Volume 3: Gates, Doors, and the Grid

Addressing the religious leaders of His day, Jesus said, “For you shut up the kingdom of heaven against men; for you neither go in yourselves, nor do you allow those who are entering to go in.” He also taught us to petition our Father, “…Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven…For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever.”

Unwilling to follow the poor example of those scribes and Pharisees, we choose to explore heavenly places through the leadership of the Holy Spirit; taking back what has been given away to the enemy, and securing victory in the heavens. This third book in the Exploring Heavenly Places series examines the nature of these realms as a dimensional system, focusing mostly on the grid, doors and gates. The evidence presented is clear that when His will is done there, our physical existence here is the beneficiary of positive change.

Version 2

Exploring Heavenly Places, Volume 4: Power in the Heavenly Places

Throughout scripture we find one account after another of God’s power, and if we stop to consider the magnitude of that power it’s mind-boggling. We often read such statements as, the voice of the Lord is powerful; He rules by His power forever; by His power He brought in the south wind; Who knows the power of Your anger; Great is our Lord, and mighty in power; All Your works shall praise You, O Lord…And talk of Your power. All of His works shall praise Him—wow!!! That’s big.

God’s handiwork is evident everywhere we look, and the Bible is full of golden nuggets of truth that we may not have recognized because our everyday focus is usually on what we see right in front of us. The manifestations of God’s power hint of the glorious eternity that awaits those who are His; and while there is still much to understand, we begin to learn to recognize and access His power throughout the dimensions in Exploring Heavenly Places, Volume 4, Power in the Heavenly Places.

Version 2

Exploring Heavenly Places, Volume 5: The Power of God, on Earth as it is in Heaven

The Exploring Heavenly Places series thus far has spoken of experiences occurring through discernment in dimensions existing beyond our normal everyday perception in seemingly far-away places. However, both the dimensional heavenly places and the Power of God are also very close at hand. We frequently consider the Lord’s Prayer, but how often do we stop and consider the magnitude of the fact that His kingdom is already here and dwells within us? It’s so easy to simply assume that “on earth as it is in heaven” is future tense; for we know it will become evident in the millennial kingdom when Jesus literally returns to rule and reign from His throne in Jerusalem. We must change our focus so that we do not miss the current reality of The Power of God, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Version 2

Exploring Heavenly Places, Volume 7: Discernment Encyclopedia for God’s Spiritual Creation

We write of Exploring Heavenly Places, but what does that actually mean? To explore is to investigate, study, or analyze; to travel in or through an unfamiliar country or area in order to learn about or familiarize oneself with it; to search for resources; to inquire into or discuss an issue in detail, examining or evaluating options or possibilities; and to examine by touch. By default, exploration has to do with searching out the unknown, and what can be more unfamiliar from our physical perspective than the mysteries of God that exist in His heavenly places?

Our exploration of heavenly places is through discernment, which is knowledge gained through the use of our five senses; but again, what does that mean? Since many may be new to the concept of discerning that which we do not see, this encyclopedic reference has been developed to help people learn to define and discern God’s astounding, unseen creation.

Please keep in mind that the Bible is the final source of truth; we do not base our discernment on extra-biblical material; and everything we discern must be tested against the Bible. Most importantly, Christ is above all of creation and every created thing we discern is subject to Him.

Version 2Exploring Heavenly Places, Volume 8: Dreamspeak

Why would a book about Dreamspeak be included in a series about heavenly places? The answer is simple, yet complex. Dreams and visions occur outside of the four dimensions to which we are accustomed, and in them we get a taste of what it is like not to be bound by time and space; in them we have experiences that are seemingly impossible from an earthly perspective; in them we are allowed opportunities to see into the invisible spiritual realms.

In a dream world, nothing is impossible and we may find ourselves traveling though time, walking on water, breathing under water, flying though the air in a car, or floating thorough walls. Images may morph from one thing into another; or we may experience or view several scenes at once, multitasking in ways that far exceed our physical capabilities. Familiar laws of physics do not apply as gravity disappears, animals speak, inanimate objects dissolve, and we pass through star gates.

This book is about the author’s personal journey into dream interpretation. It’s much more of a this-is-how-God-does-it-with-me account than a one-size-fits-all instruction manual, which hopefully will encourage others to venture out into the heavenly realms of dream exploration.



 Unraveling the Mystery of Dream Interpretation

Whether one’s interest stems from Christianity, new age/occult thought or just idle curiosity, dream interpretation is a popular topic; and a vast array of information and resources are available; books, the Internet, CDs, DVDs, seminars. As Christians, it’s very important that we view dream interpretation from a Biblical perspective so we can accurately discern the LORD’s meaning of these night parables. Unraveling the Mystery of Dream Interpretation is a workshop that explores the subject using a scriptural foundation.

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