About Standing in Faith Ministries

Standing in Faith Ministries equips others to exercise their faith in order to experience the fullness and the freedom that is available through Christ Jesus

We are encouraged repeatedly in God’s Word to stand firm in our faith.  Faced with what appeared to be certain destruction by the Egyptians, Moses told the Israelites to not be afraid for if they would stand firm the LORD would deliver them and they’d never see their pursuers again. Isaiah prophesied to King Ahaz of Judah that if he didn’t stand firm in his faith, he wouldn’t stand at all.  Paul wrote over and over to the Corinthian church to stand firm in their faith—to be careful, to be on guard, to be strong, to have courage.  Jesus taught his followers that even though they would be hated because of him, the result of standing firm would be salvation and life.

We hold fast to the truth that God has gone before us—we know that He’s not asking us to do anything that He has not already modeled for us.  Throughout the Psalms we are comforted by the knowledge that His plans, His word, His purposes, His law and His love stand firm—they are eternal and unchanging and we can count on them.  We are encouraged both by Biblical heroes as well as modern-day believers whose faith has brought them through incredible trials.  Most of all, we look to Jesus, the source of our faith; the perfect example who, for the joy that was set before him, went to the cross and endured all of the suffering that the enemy could heap upon him. He never lost sight of the goal, and in finishing his race he provided everything we need to finish ours.

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